Sunday, February 04, 2001

The Legend lives on: Mad Jack's Pyramid

The makers of Brooke Bond Tea have been giving away collectable cards in each package of their product for many years. In 1996 a series of 45 cards titled " Pyramid Power" was issued. Several of the cards were about pyramid-shaped follies in the UK. Card number 43 highlights the legend of Jack Fuller's pyramid and reads as follows:

A typical English eccentric - Mad Jack Fuller was the Squire of Brightling Park, East Sussex. At 22 stone he was a larger than life character - loved eating - drinking and talking loudly - and had a heart of gold! He built a weird and wonderful collection of
buildings - but the strangest of all is his 25-foot high pyramid tomb in Brightling churchyard. He died in 1834 - and one tale handed down is that he was buried at a fully set dinner table with a bottle of claret at hand - dressed for dinner and wearing a top hat! Now that's what I call style - Kevin!

The complete set of Pyramid Power Cards can be viewed at:

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