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Additions to Jack Fuller’s Obituary

Gentleman’s Magazine
Additions to Obituary [Dec. 1834]

VOL. II. p. 106.—John Fuller, esq.,
of Rosehill, was the only son of the
Rev. Henry Fuller, of Stonham, Hants,
who was younger brother of John Fuller,
esq., of Brightling, who died in 1775, and
of Rose Fuller, esq. M.P., of Bright-
ling, who died in 1777. Their father’s
name was John, not Thomas. The wife
of the Rev. Henry Fuller, and the mother
of the late John Fuller, esq., was Frances,
dau. of Thomas Fuller, esq., of Cutfield,
another branch of the family. Mr.
Fuller was an only son; he had two
sisters, Elizabeth, the wife of Sir John
Palmer Acland, Bart., and Frances, wife
of the Rev. George Lewis. The family
of Fuller-Elliott-Drake (see the Ba-
ronetage), to whom Mr. Fuller has
left his West India estates, are descended
from his Uncle Thomas Fuller, esq. the
fourth son of John Fuller, of Bright-
ling, who died in 1745, by Elizabeth,
eldest daughter and coheir of Fulke
Rose, esq.

Corrections by Annette Lloyd Thomas:
Jack Fuller's father, the Rev. Henry Fuller was born at Waldron, Sussex and he was the vicar of North Stoneham, Hampshire. Jack Fuller was born on 20 February 1757 at North Stoneham, Hampshire. Thomas Fuller, father of Frances Fuller lived at Park Gate, Catsfield, Sussex not Cutfield. Jack Fuller's sister Frances married Lancelot Brown the son of landscape gardener Lancelot "Capability" Brown. The Rev. George Lewis (1712-1771) married Frances (nee White) Fuller, the widow of the aforementioned Thomas Fuller, in 1743. Frances and Thomas Fuller were Jack Fuller's maternal grandparents.


Ronald Kenyon said...

Looking at the pictures of Fuller's follies, it does seem that he was a kindred spirit to Monsieur de Monville (1734-1797).

I have published a biography about him, Monville: Forgoteen Luminary of the French Enlightenment. It's available on Amazon.

Ronald W. Kenyon

Mrs Lloyd Thomas said...

I've just finished reading the second editiion of Monville: Forgotten Luminary of the French Enlightenment which I found of great interest. I am now working on a piece that will compare Monville and Fuller. I will look forward to your thoughts on it when I publish. Stay tuned.