Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Current Research: The Fuller Theodolite

John Fuller, Esq., (1757-1834) was a founding member of the Royal Astronomical Society. On March 9, 1832 Fuller presented the society with a repeating theodolite with a horizontal circle of 20 inches diameter, made by Thomas Jones, of Charing Cross, London in 1813.

  • Sir Thomas Maclear (pictured left) used the Fuller theodolite at the Cape of Good Hope Observatory from 1840 until at least 1848.
  •  From approximately 1867 to 1882 the Fuller theodolite was on loan to the Sydney Observatory.
  • It is listed as belonging to the Royal Astronomical Society until at least 1901. 
  • It is now in the collection of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford (Inventory number 10063; Accession number: 1931-6/12) 
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