Sunday, October 05, 2014

High Sheriff of Sussex

John "Mad Jack" Fuller was High Sheriff in 1797, at the age of forty. Several of his ancestors and many other members of Fuller's family tree also served their county in this capacity.

The office of Sheriff of Sussex became obsolete in 1974 when the county was divided into the counties of East Sussex and West Sussex. The current High Sheriff of East Sussex is Christopher J M Gebbie and of West Sussex is Jonathan Charles Lucas.

Some of the functions of the office of High Sheriff are:

    The badge of office of a High Sheriff
  • representing the sovereign in all judiciary matters
  • maintenance of law and order
  • supporting the Lord-Lieutenant on royal visits 
  • acting as a returning officer for Parliamentary Elections
The appointed person serves a one year term.  
You can read the full list of High Sheriffs on the website of the Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex here.

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