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Fishing in Bodiam Castle Moat

Sussex Advertiser July 13, 1829
pike - latin name Esox lucius
Last Tuesday the Bodiam Castle Moat was fish-
ed in the presence of the proprietor, John Fuller,
Esq. and a crowd of spectators, when a great
number of fine carp, tench, eels, and pike were
taken; one of the latter weighed upwards of thir-
teen pounds, and we hear, was sent by Mr. Fuller,
as a present to the Lord Mayor of London [ John Crowder].

John Crowder, Lord Mayor of London Wall Art & Canvas Prints by Sir William Charles Ross
Portrait of John Crowder (1756-1830), 
Lord Mayor of London 1829
 by Sir William Charles Ross

The Annual Register of World Events: A Review of the Year Volume 72 (1830)

2. At his house at Hammersmith, aged 74, John Crowder, esq. alderman of the ward of Farringdon Within and the late Lord Mayor of London.  Alderman Crowder was a native of Buckinghamshire, he was originally brought up as a printer, and was for some time employed in his majesty's printing-office, under the late William Strahan, esq. About fifty years ago he obtained an engagement in the printing office of Francis Blyth. esq. printer and proprietor of the "Public Ledger," a daily morning paper much encouraged by persons concerned in commerce and shipping, and the "London Packet", an evening paper, published three times a week.  In the year 1717, Mr. Blyth died, when Mr. Crowder, who the year before had married Mr. Blythe's neice (Mary Ann James), succeeded to the management of the whole concern. This he carried on for upwards of thirty years, with the greatest impartiality, diligence, and integrity; and during this period was frequently employed in printing valuable works for booksellers.  He did not finally quit the printing business until about ten years ago, when he had amassed a considerable fortune.

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