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The Hon. Maud Isabel Fuller Acland Hood

The Hon. Maud Isabel Fuller Acland Hood, great-great-granddaughter of Jack Fuller's sister Elizabeth,  was born 22 November 1892 in London.  She never married, died on 15 February 1977 and is buried at St Audries, Somerset. The above photo of her is dated June 7 1926.

In 1933 she travelled extensively in Canada and the United States for several months, part of the time by car with her brother Lord Alexander Peregrine Fuller Acland Hood 2nd Baron St. Audries (1893-1971).

The Gazette, Montreal, Thursday, November 30, 1933, page 11

Lord St. Audries, Here on
First Visit, Intends to
Make Second Soon

So impressed with his first visit to Canada that he is already planning to return again before long, Lord St Audries, British peer who served in the Grenadiers during the war, left Montreal last night en route for Quebec to sail for home this morning in the Canadian Pacific liner Duchess of Richmond.
During his ten weeks’ stay, Lord St. Audries and his sister, the Hon. Maud Acland-Hood, covered a good deal of Ontario by car and travelled quite extensively in the United States. “I bought a car in Toronto,” Lord St. Audries told interviewers,”and we have travelled about quite extensively. Our last trip was up into the Ontario north.  We went as far as Kirkland Lake and were taken down 2,000 feet in the Lake Shore Gold mine.”
“Conditions seem to be much better here than in the United States,” Lord St. Audries said, “although it is hard for a superficial observed to notice much evidence of depression. What did strike us particularly was the evident individual cordiality that exists between Canada and the States.”
Canadian roads came in for a measure of praise.  “Your main roads are very good,” the soldier-peer said “and the system of stop signs on roads entering a main road speeds up traffic tremendously.  Police direction of traffic both in Canada and the United States is remarkably good.”
The Hon. Maud Acland-Hood who has been in Canada since May was delighted with the autumn coloring of the woods  “I have never seen anything like it anywhere,” she said, “ and this is my second visit to Canada.”
They left Montreal by the Duchess of Richmond special train at five last night. 

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