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Hydrophobia at Rose Hill

March 29, 1813 - Hampshire Chronicle

A number of dogs having lately run mad at Rose-Hill, and in the neighbourhood of that place, producing mischief to an extent that cannot be ascertained, John Fuller, Esq. reflecting on the horrid effects of hydrophobia, and as an example to others whom it may concern, on Monday last, highly to his honour, gave directions for the destruction of all his valuable dogs and they were accordingly killed, consisting of four brace of high-bred spaniels (whose excellence was the labour of many years) and a very superior pack of harriers.  The spaniels had, a long time, been the admiration and envy of the sporting world, as few, if any could be found to equal them in the field for beauty and action.  Two of them have constantly accompanied Mr. Fuller's gamekeeper for ten successive years, in the pursuit of woodcocks, with unprecedented success, having had shot to them, within the above-mentioned time, 304 brace of that delicious bird.
A printed paper, containing the following caution, has been circulated through the parish of Brightling:
"Caution.- In consequence of the number of dogs that have been ,and now are, affected with that dreadful disease the hydrophobia, in this neighbourhood, the Magistrates request that all dogs may be closely confined, until every danger is supposed to be over; and recommend to the owners immediately to destroy such of them as can, by any possibility, be supposed to have been bitten."

Notes: The UK was declared free of Hydrophobia, also known as rabies, 1902. 

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