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On Saturday last, the remains of this lamented gentleman were conveyed to the tomb, at Brightling, in this county.  Precisely at two o'clock the procession arrived at the church, and presented one of the most imposing spectacles ever witnessed in that part of the country. The melancholy procession was preceded by a number of girls, dressed in dark coloured frocks, with broad white collars, these were followed by boys, habited in white round frocks, black crape hatbands and gloves -- next came about 66 men (workmen, we believe, on the estate of the deceased) clothed in new white round frocks, crape hatbands and black gloves -- after these were about 100 mounted horsemen, in black cloaks and silk hatbands -- plume of feathers, mutes &c.  The hearse, drawn by six horses, hung with silk escutcheons of the family arms -- the carriage of the deceased with the blinds closed drawn by six horses -- three or four mourning coaches -- followed by a number of gentlemen's carriages.  As soon as the procession arrived at the church gate, those who preceded the hearse formed an avenue to the church, through which the body was borne by eight men; the coffin was covered with a most superb pall, decorated with silk escutcheons.  Immediately the body entered the church yard, the fine organ (gift of the deceased), commenced a solemn dirge, and the usual service was performed; the body was then removed to the place destined for its reception, a large high pyramid, similar, but in miniature, to those of Egypt.  The day being fine, a vast number of sorrowing well dressed persons, of both sexes, amounting to 5,000 were present on the melancholy occasion.

THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER 21 April 1834, page 3


Tc Anderson said...

Who owns this? I am from America. From what I know, I am 13x removed from Mad Jack. My first name is Trayton, middle name is Anderson…Mothers maiden name is Fuller.

Annette said...

Thank you for your comment. My name is Annette Lloyd Thomas and I live in Toronto, Canada. You are actually more closely related to Mad Jack than that. He is your 1st cousin six times removed. Your lineage is: Jean Fuller, Eugene Cecil Fuller, Lionel Edward Fuller, Rev. Trayton Fuller, Rev Robert Fitzherbert Fuller, John Trayton Fuller, Thomas Fuller(who was Mad Jack's father Henry's brother). I was in Charleston, WV researching your branch of the family not long ago and have some photos from the cemetery etc. See