Sunday, July 05, 2015

SOME SUSSEX "FOLLIES": Pepper Box, Brighton & Deer Tower, Shillinglee

ix. Pepper Box, in Queen's Park, Brighton
OS Grid Reference: TQ3205904811
Date: 1830
Built by: Thomas Atree from plans by architect Charles Barry
Construction: One of the earliest buildings to be built using "Ranger's

Artificial Stone" or "Ranger's Lime Concrete"; 60 feet tall.
Also called the Pepper Pot, this structure has housed various things over the years including a wind-powered water pump, artist's studio and public convenience.

x. Deer Tower at Shillinglee Park, near North Chapel
OS Grid Reference: SU9658131534
Built by: Earl Winterton
Construction: Now faced with cement.

Originally a verderer's look-out or "eye catcher", it is currently a private residence.

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