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17 April 1834, page 3

The Late John Fuller, Esq.

We regret to announce the death, on Friday last, at his
residence in London, after a tedious illness, of John Fuller,
Esq., of Rose Hill, in this county, aged 78 years. This
gentleman, better known by the name of "Honest Jack
Fuller," represented the county of Sussex during several
successive Parliaments, for a period of more than twenty
years, and was made celebrated by a well-known scene in the
House of Commons, -- when he called the Speaker " a little
insignificant fellow in a wig," -- for which he was committed
to the custody of the Sergeant-at-arms. He was distin-
guished throughout life by much eccentricity, mingled with
a kind heart that displayed itself in actions of princely
munificence: of this his splendid benefactions to the Royal
Institution are only one example.
Mr Fuller died extremely rich. The bulk of his fortune,
consisting of estates in Sussex and the island of Jamaica,
are left to Augustus Elliot Fuller, Esq., brother of Captain
Fuller, R. N.
, and a nephew of the deceased, as also of Lord
. The estates in London are left to Sir Peregrine
, another nephew. Besides which there are very
numerous legacies.
The following anecdote, which may be relied on, of Mr
Fuller, is not generally known. During Mr Pitt's adminis
tration a messenger arrived at Rose Hill with the offer of a
Peerage, on the condition that Mr Fuller should vote in a
particular manner on some question of the day. Mr Fuller,
who at the moment had a large party of friends assembled
at his dinner table, directed the messenger to be ushered
into the dining room to receive his answer. In his presence
and that of his guests, Mr Fuller threw the letter into the
fire telling the messenger at the same time to acquaint the
Minister with the manner in which his offer had been re-
ceived, and adding -- "I was born Jack Fuller, and Jack
Fuller I will die."
The tenants are to meet the funeral at Robertsbridge on
Saturday, and accompany it to the mausoleum built by Mr
Fuller at Brightling, where his remains will be interred.
Mr Fuller stood successfully a severely contested election
with Colonel Sergisson, which lasted sixteen days, and cost
the former 20,000l., in addition to a subscription purse of
30,000l., made by the county. The expences incurred by
Mr Sergisson were, we believe, equally heavy.

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