Thursday, July 01, 2004

Jack Fuller's Pub, Oxley Green

The following message was sent to the main Jack Fuller
website on July 1, 2004:

"I've been meaning to visit Jack Fuller's for some time, as we live in the area. I found your website through Google and saw your recommend-ation. We booked a table and turned up for dinner. We found the pub unfriendly, the ambience(sic)unpleasant, the service poor and the only wine on offer undrinkable. We paid for our drinks and left without eating (or finishing our drinks) - we will not return until it changes hands. Just thought you might want to re-consider your recommendation."

The recommendation on the Jack Fuller Pub page says:

Jack Fuller's, was for several years a restaurant, but re-opened under new ownership as a pub in the spring of 2002. The ambiance, food and beer at this "free house" are a great value and well worth the trip to Brightling. Publicans Colin and Barbara Wood, known to all as Woody and Babs, will definitely make you feel at home. Jack Fuller's is located at Oxley Green, just outside Brightling village on the road to Robertsbridge.

I appreciate any feed back regarding my website and seriously consider all comments made. Although the wine at Jack Fuller's was not recommended I am surprised to hear that the guests (who did not leave a name or email address)found the service poor and unfriendly. I will visit the pub later this month and re-evaluate my recommendation.

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