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Lady Helena Acland Hood

The Tatler No. 66 October 1, 1902, page 17

Society in Town and Country
Week by Week.

Church and Peerage.
--Lady Helena Acland Hood is the eldest of the good looking sisters of the present Duke of Hamilton. She began life as "Miss," for though descended from the 4th duke her father's title was merely admiral. When her brother succeeded to the dukedom she and her sisters in accordance with the custom were granted by Queen Victoria the courtesy title and precedence of duke's daughters. Three years later Lady Helena married a clergyman, Mr. Robert Fuller Acland Hood, a relation of the baronet and M.P. of that name (Sir Alexander Alcand Hood) and of the late Lord Hood of Avalon. Lady Helena is fond of music and flowers and adores the country while not wholly indifferent to the attractions of town. Like most of her family she fully believes in the influence that sport exercises on the physique of the race.

 Rev. Sir Robert Fuller Acland Hood was born on 7 Sep 1866 in West Quantoxhead, Somersetshire. He died on 23 Apr 1912 in Godalming, Surrey. He married Lady Helena Augusta Charlotte Constance Sidney Douglas - Hamilton on 1 Jun 1899 in Kimberley, South Africa.

Lady Helena Augusta Charlotte Constance Sidney Douglas - Hamilton was born on 26 Nov 1860 in Shanklin, Isle of Wight. She died on 4 Aug 1950 in Parkstone, Dorset. They one child, a daughter Elspeth Margaret Douglas Acland Hood who was born on 23 Apr 1900 and died on 20 Feb 1901.

Lady Helena's parents were Admiral Charles Henry Hamilton who was born on 7 Oct 1808 in Westminster. He died on 30 Nov 1873. He married Elizabeth Ann Hill, born 1831, on 31 Jan 1860.

The Rev Sir Robert Fuller Acland Hood was the great-grandson of John "Mad Jack" Fuller's sister Elizabeth Fuller. For more details see the Fuller family tree here.

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