Sunday, March 04, 2001

Fuller Genealogy

Stephen Fuller of Deal Kent writes:

We have a mystery. Our Samuel Fuller (Biddenden, then Smarden, then Sellinge) married Mary King in Biddenden Kent in 1699. They both died in Biddenden in 1712, Samuel registered as "a poor man". We have no record of Samuel's parentage and where in Kent or Sussex he was from, Fuller being a common wealden name. We have no trace to Staplehurst and all the Sussex Waldron Fullers. We have no trace to the Egerton Mayflower Fullers.. We know he was from another parish than Biddenden, registered in the Poor law records as a "foreign occupier".

Samuel Fuller and Mary had 5 children, according to the Biddenden register as follows, christenings:

Richard 1 Sept 1699
Samuel 19 July 1702
Thomas 9 April 1705
James 10 April 1710
Elizabeth 31 Dec 1710

We believe that Richard and Thomas died in infancy although no burials recorded. Elizabeth died and buried at Biddenden 21st Oct 1718. Samuel and James and Elizabeth (before she died) were looked after as orphans under the poor law, both their parents having died in 1712.Samuel and James are then found at Smarden