Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mad Jack Takes Over Toronto Subway Station

Yesterday I traveled downtown, by subway, to do some research at the Toronto Reference Library (more on that in a future post). To my astonishment, all of Yonge Station, the busiest hub in the system, was covered in Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager ads. See my previous blog post on the topic:

Sunday, July 05, 2015

SOME SUSSEX "FOLLIES": Pepper Box, Brighton & Deer Tower, Shillinglee

ix. Pepper Box, in Queen's Park, Brighton
OS Grid Reference: TQ3205904811
Date: 1830
Built by: Thomas Atree from plans by architect Charles Barry
Construction: One of the earliest buildings to be built using "Ranger's

Artificial Stone" or "Ranger's Lime Concrete"; 60 feet tall.
Also called the Pepper Pot, this structure has housed various things over the years including a wind-powered water pump, artist's studio and public convenience.

x. Deer Tower at Shillinglee Park, near North Chapel
OS Grid Reference: SU9658131534
Built by: Earl Winterton
Construction: Now faced with cement.

Originally a verderer's look-out or "eye catcher", it is currently a private residence.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

SOME SUSSEX "FOLLIES": Firle Gamekeeper's Tower & Selsfield Signaling Tower

vii. Firle Gamekeeper's Tower, West Firle
OS Grid Reference: TQ4809007195
Date: 1819
Built by: 3rd Viscount Gage
Construction: Faced with flints.

Built as a gamekeeper's cottage and signaling tower.

viii. Signaling Tower, Selsfield Common, near Turner's Hill
OS Grid Reference: TQ3492834210
Date: 1903
Built by:
Construction: This water tower has a capacity of 110,000 gallons.

Friday, July 03, 2015

SOME SUSSEX "FOLLIES": Nore Hill & Michelgrove

v. Nore Hill Folly - South Gateway and Lodge of Slindon Park, Slindon
OS Grid Reference: SU9539707265
Date: 1814
Built by: Anne, Lady Newburgh
Construction: Flint.

Built as a gothic ruin, "eye catcher" and picnic venue.

vi. Castelated Tower, Michelgrove near Patching
OS Grid Reference: TQ0813308352
Date: C 1540
Built by: Sir William Shelley
Construction: Red brick faced with Roman Cement.

Unlike Nore Hill Folly this true ruin is what remains of  the clock tower of Michelgrove, seat of the Shelley baronets, which was destroyed by fire in 1945 when it was being used as a boys' school.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

SOME SUSSEX "FOLLIES": Gibraltar Tower & Toat Monument

iii. Gibraltar Tower, Heathfield Park
OS Grid Reference: TQ587902139
Date: 1793
Built by: Francis Newberry from a design by John Crunden.
Construction: Ashlar; 55 feet high.

Built to commemorate the heroism of Lord Heathfield who defended Gibraltar in 1779 - 1783 against Spain and France.

iv. Toat Monument, near Pulborough
OS Grid Reference: TQ0498521583
Date: 1827
Built by: Samuel Drinkwater
Construction: Ashlar; 40 feet high.

A plaque indicates that it was erected in memory of Samuel Drinkald. Legend has it that Drinkald was thrown from his horse and both died on this spot, and that horse and rider are buried upside down underneath the monument.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

SOME SUSSEX "FOLLIES": Holmbush Beacon & Racton Tower

i. Holmbush Beacon Tower, at Colgate in St Leonard's Forest
OS Grid Reference: TQ2333
Date: 1857
Built by: Thomas Broadwood from a design by Francis Edwards
Construction: Ashlar; 106 feet high.

Was used by the Home Guard as an observation post during the Second World War. Fell into disrepair and was razed after the war.

ii. Racton Monument, Stanstead Park,  Rowlands Castle
OS Grid Reference: SU7765309470
Date: 1766 to 1775
Built by: 2nd Earl of Halifax from a design by architect Theodosius Kelne
Construction: Red brick faced with flints, most of which have disappeared; 80 feet high.

Its remote location and sinister appearance have led to it being a site for suicides and occult events.