Monday, August 19, 2002

No Popery Favours

In response to this inquiry posted to the Sussex Past web group:

In his book "Georgian Lewes", Colin Brent writes that John Fuller spent a lot of money during his 1807 election campaign on "No Popery Favours" and meals at local inns. Can anyone shed any light as to what these favours might have been?

This response was recieved:

Colin Brent says these were ribbons, with "No popery" on them, to be worn by his supporters, as more conventionally party colours would be worn as ribbons during election campaigns.
Esme Evans (Hon. Librarian).
Sussex Archaeological Society Library

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Camera Obscura

Recently Alan Jackson of Leeds replied to a request for information about the camera obscura at Brightling Observatory that I had left in a guestbook. He wrote:

"I do know that the camera obscura at Brightling Observatory was still there before and during the first part of WWII when my parents lived there. No special knowledge was required for use. It must have been removed sometime later - it was not there when Mother revisited the 'obse' in the seventies."