Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Mad Jack" The Honest Sussex Squire by Arthur Beckett

The Sussex County Magazine January 1928, No. I Vol. II, pages 24 - 26

This article starts by explaining how Peter Fuller, a mechanic of Tonbridge, was seeking to correct the "wrongful devolution" of John Fuller's estate (in his own interest, I'm sure). Unfortunately, the article does not shed any light on what evidence Mr Fuller had unearthed to support his claim in the eighteen years of research and wheelbarrow full of documents he had collected.

There are, several errors in the article.
  • "At the last-named place they built themselves a fine mansion which they called 'Tanners', and there they owned the Waldron iron furnace, by which they added to their riches.", page 24. Waldron Furnace belonged to the Pelham family. The Fullers had an iron furnace at Heathfield.
  • "Squire Fuller died on April 11, 1833, at the age of 68..", page 26. Fuller died on April 11, 1834, aged 77 years, 1 month, 22 days. 
  • "In addition to his endowments to the Royal Society...", page 26. Fuller endowed the Royal Institution, which is devoted to scientific research and education with two professorships, not the Royal Society.