Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jack Fuller celebrated

LITTLE did Jack Fuller know that 250 years after his birth the villagers of Brightling would be celebrating his birthday. Saturday saw in excess of 160 people crowded into the magnificent church of Brightling to watch Mad Jack live again. Ably depicted by Geoff Hutchinson, the audience was treated to a synopsis of the times in which Mr Fuller lived and then a canter through all the things he achieved in his life, not only for good, but also some activities that in retrospect he might not have made him feel quite so proud. Having completed his short biography he then led over 100 people into Brightling Park, pointing out six of Mad Jack's follies. Returning to the house they were welcomed to a display by the Mad Jack Morris dancers from Hastings. Jack Fuller of course being the origin of their pack. Returning to the village hall, accompanied by Brightling bell ringers, there then echoed up the street the sound of the Section 5 drumming band. Over 20 drummers paraded up the street where they then performed outside the village hall. Once the drummers had processed away the evening continued with the Big Squeeze performing in the village hall to accompany the barn dancing. Although the day was a free event, more than £600 was raised. The money will be split between the Hastings Lifeboat and Brightling Church, two causes close to the heart of Jack Fuller.
Source : Battle & Rye Observer