Sunday, May 06, 2012

Fuller Family of Sussex Genealogy Site New Location

I have migrated my Fuller genealogy web site to homestead, where my main John "Mad Jack" Fuller site is hosted. The genealogy pages now load much quicker and without the ads and popups that plagued earlier incarnations. See:

Saturday, March 03, 2012

History of Parliament Biography

A detailed account of Fuller's career as Member of Parliament written by Brian Murphy and R. G. Thorne appears on the History of Parliament website here.

From this article, one can gain insight into how Fuller was percieved by those who interacted with him as well as a better understanding of Fuller's political views and actions as an MP.

"At his election he got into an argument with the radical John Frost, and gave thanks ‘with the most vile theatrical twang rolling about even much less gracefully than Punch: people stared’. Two years before, Lady Holland had reported him ‘good-natured’ and added, ‘His vulgar bluntness excited much mirth; he thought the laugh was raised by his waggery, so was delighted’.1 For nearly nine years the same illusion sustained him in the House."