Saturday, December 21, 2002

Stolen Turners Recovered After Eight Years

Among the many scientists, musicians and artists that John "Mad Jack" Fuller supported and patronized was acclaimed painter JMW Turner. On 20/12/2002 Britain's Daily Telegraph reported:

Two Turner paintings stolen from the Tate's collection eight years ago and insured for £24 million have been recovered. The two Biblical works by the master Romantic landscape artist were taken while on display in Frankfurt, Germany. The 19th century works, described as two of Turner's most significant paintings, were found intact but without their original frames. One is titled Shade And Darkness: The Evening Of The Deluge, the other Light And Colour (Goethe's Theory): The Morning after the Deluge. They are now back in Britain and will go on display at Tate Britain from January 8. Tate chiefs were reluctant to talk about the recovery today as it could hamper the chances of finding a third artwork, from a German collection, stolen at the same time. Shade and Darkness was actually recovered in July 2000, but the discovery was kept secret while investigations continued. Light and Colour was recovered on Monday and both paintings were brought back to the UK on Wednesday.Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota said: "These two paintings are amongst Turner's most important works and, in their references to Goethe's colour theories, show him to be at the forefront of European intellectual inquiry."

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