Sunday, December 07, 2003

Jack Fuller Founds Yeomanry Cavalry Troop, Claims Expenses From the Earl of Egremont

The threat of a French invasion by Napoleon led to the establishment by Jack Fuller of a Yeomanry Cavalry troop in Sussex:

[To the Earl of Egremont]
Captain of Yeomanry Cavalry
36 Devonshire Place 30 Nov 1799
I have enclosed voucher specified in the last letter I had the honour of receiving from you and if you wish either send me a draft or give an order for the payment of same at Messrs Coxes and Greenwood. I shall be much obliged to you.
I have the honour to remain very sincerely faithfully etc

[memo to himself]
received of the Earl of Egremont a draft upon Messrs Coxes and Greenwood for the equipment of my troop consisting of 40 men at 3£ per man making one hundred and twenty pounds.

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