Sunday, October 30, 2005

English Eccentrics by Dame Edith Sitwell

On English Eccentrics

In his blog, The Emotional Blackmailer's Handbook, Tristan Forward wrote: "i had to screech to a halt today after glimpsing one of mad jack fuller's follies
i'd been introduced to him by the late great edith sitwell in her lovely book "english eccentrics" which celebrates the energy and passion and humanity of those who are extremely disinhibited for one reason or another" (October 18, 2005)

A poet and literary critic, Edith Louisa Sitwell(1887-1964) "was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, of aristocratic but eccentric parentage of Lord George Sitwell and ex-socialite Lady Ida Sitwell of Renishaw Hall. She would later claim that she was descended from the Plantagenets. She had two younger brothers, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell who were well-known literary figures in their own right and long-term collaborators. Her relationship with her parents was stormy at best, especially when her father locked her into an iron frame to "correct" her supposed spine deformation. In her later autobiography she said that her parents had always been strangers to her."

I subsequently borrowed a copy of "Dame Edith Sitwell's witty excursion into the world of English Eccentrics", 1933. A quick check of the index revealed no mention of Jack Fuller. A thorough reading netted the same result. Can anyone shed any light onto the subject?

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