Saturday, August 16, 2008

Extreme Living

An article titled Extreme Living, by Gwenda Brophy, appeared in the Financial Times on 26 July 2008. It celebrates the 17th and 18th century folly builders of Europe. In the introductory paragraph, Brophy lists reasons why follies are built. Included in the list is , "to win a bet", however she does not elaborate. One can infer that she's talking about Fuller's Sugar Loaf folly.

Fuller does get a mention in the last paragraph:

"Jeffery Whitelaw in his book Follies recounts legends such as "Mad Jack" Fuller. The creator of several structures in Brightling, East Sussex, south-east England, Fuller is said to be buried inside one, wearing a top hat and sitting at a table, bottle of wine at hand - a story that does little to dispel the view of folly builders as true one-offs but helps to explain their widespread appeal."

Read the full article here.

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