Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fuller's Christmas Generousity

In keeping with the tradition that the local landed gentry and squires share their abundance with the poor at Christmas, Jack Fuller made the following acts of charity: 

Sussex Advertiser - December 25, 1815

               LEWES, DEC. 25, 1815.
This being the day on which the Nativity of
our blessed Saviour is celebrated we hope the
deserving poor, throughout the United King-
dom, will be made partakers of the grand Fes-
tival, through the bounty of their more fortu-
nate neighbours
One day last week, two fat oxen were slaugh-
tered, by order of Sir Godfrey Webster, and,
with a proportionate quantity of bread, distribu-
ted to the poor of Battle, that they might enjoy,
in plentitude, the comfort of a Christmas din-
John Fuller, Esq. of Rosehill, has also dis-
pensed his Christmas bounty in beef and bread,
to the poor of the parish of Brightling; to
which the principal inhabitants added a very
liberal subscription.

Sussex Advertiser - December 29, 1823

Last Thursday, being Christmas-day, the same
was observed here with all the solemnity of the
Sabbath.  In the afternoon the tables of hospi-
tality were smoaking (sic)with the good old English
fare - Roast Beef and Plum-pudding.
     John Fuller, Esq.  of Rose-Hill, and the prin-
cipal inhabitants of Brightling; gave beef and
bread on Wednesday last, to their poorer neigh-
bours for Christmas-day's dinner; and at the same
time distributed the following rewards:                 

£  s  d
To William Russell for having in 1823 supported his family with the smallest proportionate assistance from the Over-seer
2  0  0
To Thomas Perry, as the next person who had received the smallest assistance
1   0   0
To George Freeland, for having lived ten years in one service
1   0   0
To Thomas Veness, for living nine years in one service
0  10  0
To Judith Clapson, for having lived fifteen years in one service
1   0  0
To Susanna Pitt, for living nine years in one service
0  10  0
Rewards like the above, cannot fail of giving
a stimulus to the industry and morality, and we feel
pleasure in noticing the circumstances, as an exam-
ple worthy of imitation.

Sussex Advertiser - December 29, 1828

John Fuller, Esq. we are happy to learn, is in
excellent health, enjoying his Christmas at Rose-
Hill; and with is accustomed liberality ordered
a hundred stones of good beef to be distributed
among the poor of the parish of Brightling, for
their dinner on Christmas-day.

Sussex Advertiser - January 28 1833

John Fuller, Esq., of Rose Hill, in addition to his cus-
tomary donation of Christmas beef to the poor of Bright-
ling, is now distributing amongst them the very seasonable

and acceptable present of a large quantity of blankets.

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